Picton Golf & Country Club

Established 1907

Women's Section

The Women's Section at Picton Golf & Country Club provides opportunities for the women members to golf together with women with comparable golf skills sets, in both competitive and non-competitive/recreational settings; provides a forum through which our women members can be heard; and promotes excellent opportunities for social interaction among members.

The Women's Section offers many activities to suit all skills levels and interests, including Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon leagues, intra-club match play competitions, tournaments, events and socials. For interested members, there are also opportunities to represent the Club in inter-club competitions. There are also opportunities to participate in mixed events, leagues and socials. And of course, our women members are encouraged to participate in the annual Club Championship weekend where competition is fun and friendly and most importantly, in appropriate divisions based on skill levels.

Involvement in the Women's Section is fun and easy. Check the Club website regularly for details on events and happenings. Check the bulletin boards in the women's locker room and downstairs hallway in the Clubhouse for information and sign-up lists. In addition, members will receive regular email communication from the Women's Section with up-to-date details.

All Women's Section events are organized and run by volunteers. Ideas, suggestions and of course more volunteers, are always welcomed. If you have a question or would like to offer your help, please click to contact the Women's Section.

Our Women's Section is a very vibrant part of the Club. Strong friendships are made and nurtured here as we are always welcoming and inclusive. We hope that you will join us!

Women's Section Events, Competitions and Leagues

Women's Opening and Closing Tournaments
These special two days, one in the spring and one in the fall, are a great way to enjoy 9 holes of golf in a relaxed and easy-going environment, followed by a casual luncheon. Both events are morning shotgun starts with a scramble format to encourage play by women of all skill levels. Dates and information will be announced via member e-blast newsletter. Details are also included on the online Club Calendar and Member Event Sign-Up page. 

Women's Leagues
Tuesday Morning League: Weekly games, 9 or 18 holes. New foursomes each week. A different "fun" game each week adds some extra interest while still allowing you to play by the Rules of Golf. League open to members and public players.

Wednesday Afternoon League: Weekly 9 hole games with scramble format. Play with your own team or join a team if you are a single player. League open to members and public players.

For complete league details, click the link Golf Leagues to visit the League Information page.

Golf Canada Pin Rounds: This is a nationally sponsored NET stroke play competition, played on the member-course, under the same conditions, on specified days. 10 Tuesdays are designated as "Pin Round" dates. It is not necessary to play all 10 pin rounds as an aggregate of the 4 lowest net Pin Rounds is used to determine scoring. Play must follow all Rules of Golf (players must hole out, no "gimmes".) For each pin round played, include your name, handicap, gross and net scores on the record sheet posted on the bulletin board and also submit your signed attested scorecard in the "Pin Round" box provided.

Match Play Events
Match Play events are a great way to kick up your game a notch while enjoying some friendly competition. Different from stroke play, match play is based on the number of holes you "win" rather than your total score. Valid handicaps are required and used to ensure play is equitable between players of different abilities. These competitions are "ladder" events, whereby winners from one level move up to play other winners in the next level until the over all winners are determined.

Women's Match Play: 
The Redmond Cup - Individual Match Play
Women's Team Challenge - 2 Woman Team event. Select drive/alternate shot format (Greensomes.)
Click here for complete details.

Mixed Match Play: There are two great competitions for Mixed Match Play; Couples Challenge and Mixed Challenge. Click here for complete details.

Women's Intersectional Inter-Club Match Play: The Women’s Intersectionals are regional events that encourage women from many of the golf clubs in eastern Ontario to get together for a great game of golf and some friendly competition. These events are generally followed by a lovely reception offered by the host club. These events are great ways to meet new friends and play other golf clubs. Players must have valid handicaps. Click for full details on Women's Intersectionals, the 2024 Schedule and access to the online sign up form.

Other Great Events

Women's Purcell-30 Cup Competition: Open to all women with course handicaps 30 or over. This easy going event is based on NET scores only and allows for a very equitable competition, especially for players with higher handicaps. (Your NET scores is determined by subtracting your Handicap from your total GROSS score.) This is a comfortable way to enjoy a little bit of competition as players are grouped with those with similar skills.
The 2023 event takes place on Sunday August 20, in conjunction with the Golden Girls and Diamond Girls Tournament. Tee times start at 9:00am. And yes! If eligible, you can participate in both! 

Golden Girls & Diamond Girls Tournament: If you are over 50 years of age, this event of for you!
Golden Girls - 50 to 64 years of age. Diamond Girls - 65 and over. Age is as of the date of the tournament. Valid handicaps are required. This is both a NET and GROSS event. The 2024 Golden Girls & Diamond Girls Tournament will be held on Sunday August 11. Tee times start at 9:00 am.

Ringer Board: This event challenges you to improve your scores on each of the 18 holes through out the season. Enter all 18 holes of a completed game on the Ringer Board before the end of May. Include your handicap as of that date. There are 3 more opportunities for each hole to post better scores by through-out the season. Event closes mid-September. Scores will be tallied and winners determined by handicap flights.

Birdie and Par Boards: Record your "birdies" and "pars" on the Boards in the Women's locker room.  Simply claim a line with your name and enter the date on the appropriate hole birdied or parred.  You can put multiple dates on the holes, but competition is on the number of holes conquered rather than the total number of birdies or pars. Please note, valid handicaps are required. The "Par Board" competition is open to members with handicaps of 25 and over. The "Birdie Board" competition is open to all members. Recognition will be given to those with "birdies" or "pars" on the highest percentage of the 18 holes, not the total number of birdies or pars.   Please note, valid handicaps are required. The "Par Tree" competition is open to members with handicaps of 25 and over. The "Birdie Tree" competition is open to all members.

Dune Dunks and Chip Dips: When you make one of these exciting shots, mark it on the record sheet on the bulletin board. Include your name, date and hole #. (Dune dunks are when you hole-out with a shot from the sand; Chip Dips are when you hole-out from off the green.)

Recognition Pins: Golf Canada issues recognition pins for women players who achieve milestones for the first time by breaking 100, 90 and 80 in a single game. Recognition Pins are also presented for your first Eagle and first Hole-in-One! Please mark your achievement on the record sheet on the bulletin board so that a pin may be ordered for you!

The Key To Understanding and Maintaining Your Handicap (with updated information introduced in the 2020 World Handicapping System.) For more information, please visit the Rules & Handicapping Information page.