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Rules & Handicap Committee 
Information and Support

Welcome to the Rules & Handicap Committee Information and Support Section.

In this section we explain the role of the Rules & Handicap Committee and why our Club must have one.  We also provide valuable information and education on the Rules of Handicapping and the Rules of Golf. 

The 2024 Rules & Handicap Committee Members are:
Debbie Rankin (co-chair), Judi Edwards (co-chair), Scott Bigg, Alice Carlson, Don Rodney, Richard Linnett and Robert Sweet.

Things You Should Know

  • The Club must have a valid Committee to meet its commitment with Golf Canada/Golf Ontario.
  • The members of the Committee are volunteers for Golf Canada/Golf Ontario and operate using the system provided by those Associations.

Key Information About The Rules and Handicap Committee
This section provides more details on the role the Committee, its mandate and why the Club is required to have and endorse the Committee.

The World Handicap System 
This section provides an overview of the handicap system, including player expectations, Peer Review and Score Posting Reviews conducted by the Rules & Handicap Committee. 
Details of the Club’s Handicap Policy are also outlined. 

The Key To Understanding Handicaps Under The World Handicap System 
Fundamental information, rules and tips about handicapping are broken down into short easy to understand segments, including changes to the World Handicap System for 2024. Aimed at beginners and seasoned players, details are provided from how to obtain a handicap and how to post your scores to explanations on more complex areas like Maximum Score (Net Double Bogey), the Stroke Index Allocation and much more.

The Rules of Golf 
Perhaps one of the most important Rules of Golf is outlined in Rule 1.3b, which states:
Players are responsible for applying the Rules to themselves.

This section provides reference to current updates and changes to rules and a listing of local rules that are in effect at our Club. Access to the complete Rules of Golf is also included. 

Dispute Resolution 
From time to time, players in competitions require assistance in the application of rules or in the resolution of on-course actions or breach of rules. This Section outlines important information about the Dispute Resolution process. 


News From the Rules & Handicap Committee

The Rules & Handicap Committee issues bulletins, notices and newsletters throughout the year to assist you in understanding the Rules of Golf and the Rules of Handicapping and your role in upholding the Handicap System.  These messages are sent via email to Club members and are also posted here for future review. Click the link below to access current news. 

2024 News from the Rules & Handicap Committee


Have a question?

Do you have a question about Handicapping or the Rules of Golf? Please click to contact the Rules & Handicap Committee.