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Women’s Intersectional Competition
What is it and how does it work?

The Women’s Intersectionals are district events that encourage women from many of the golf clubs in eastern Ontario to get together for a great game of golf and some friendly competition. These events are generally followed by a lovely reception offered by the host club. These events are great ways to meet new friends and play other golf clubs. Players must have valid handicaps.

The Women’s Intersectionals include two divisions:
Women – open to all women regardless of age or handicap.
Senior Women – open to all women 50 year of age or older, regardless of handicap.


Each Division is broken down into 4 flights with up to 4 different Clubs participating in each flight. Generally, the flights are arranged by overall team handicaps. Flight #1 includes teams with players who have the lowest handicaps and Flight #4 includes teams with players who have the highest handicaps. This allows women to play with other women with like abilities. Competitions are held separately for each flight and hosted by different golf clubs.  


Teams are made up of 6 Players and 2 Alternatives, for a total of 8 members per team. Players are ranked by handicap - the No.1 player in the team has the lowest handicap of all team members. No.2 player the next lowest handicap, and so on with No.6 player and the alternates having the highest handicaps. 


Foursomes are made up with a player from each Club. The alternates play first, followed by the players in the #6 position with their team (those with the highest handicaps.) Then the next highest and so on, with the group in the #1 position (those with the lowest handicaps) teeing off last. This makes sure that everyone is as evenly matched a possible.

Game Format

Intersectionals are match play games. So each hole is counted on its own. Your final score is not taken into account at all.  Simply put, you keep track of how many holes you “win” compared to the other players in your foursome.  The lowest score for each hole “wins” but it doesn’t matter what that score is – it could be a par or a 10!

Example: If you score a 4 on hole #1 and Player 2 gets a 3, and Players 3 & 4 score 5 each, then you “win” that hole against Players 3 & 4, and Player 2 “wins” the hole against you and the other 2 Players. And so on throughout the round. 

Points are awarded accordingly at the end of the round. (Please note, points are not awarded to “alternates’ round”.) If you win more holes than you lose against all three players, you get 3 points for the team. 2 points if you win against 2 of the other players, 1 point if you win against 1 player. You also get a point if you tie with any of the players.

At the end of the day, all points are added up for all players and the Club with the most points “wins” the event.  So, while yes, there will be winners, it is mostly a day to enjoy the game and the company of other women from other clubs. This is a remarkable fun day and everyone enjoys themselves!


Not only are the Intersectional events a great experience and opportunity to meet and play with other women, they are a great way to play other golf courses at little or no cost. Green fees are donated by the host club and therefore participants are not charged to play. Players are required to pay for power carts if they chose to use them.

Team Shirts
Our Club supports its Intersectional Teams and provide teams shirts for our players! Team shirts must be ordered several weeks in advance to allow for team embroidery.


The 2021 Intersectional Game Schedule

This year Picton plays in the Flight #4 in the Women’s Division and Flight #3 in the Senior Women’s Division. Both these flights tend to be the least competitive.

Women’s Division
Saturday August 7:Napanee Golf Club  is the host club.
Tee times begin at 12:30pm. We are in flight #4.
We play with teams from The Landings, Garrison GC and Napanee GC. 

Senior Women’s Division:
Sunday August 15: Bay of Quinte Golf Club is the host club.
Tee times begin at 12:30pm. We are flight #3.
We play with teams from Napanee GC, Camden Braes GC and Bay of Quinte GC. 

We hope that you will consider being part of the 2021 Women’s Intersectional Teams. We encourage you to join us in one of both of these fun golf days. Please sign up in the Pro Shop by June 15 so that we can register our teams and order our team shirts. You can also click here to sign up online.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Judi Edwards, 
2021 Women’s Intersectionals Committee
613-399-1818 / judiedwards@hotmail.com