Picton Golf & Country Club

Established 1907

Intra-Club Match Play Details

Match Play events are a great way to get involved in friendly competition with other members. There are several opportunities to get involved including Men's, Women's and Mixed Match Play competitions.

General Information

General Information on Match Play participation
WHS Handicap Allowance Table

Men's Match Play

Allison Trophy - Individual stroke play (White tees)
D'Esterre Trophy - Individual Match Play (White tees)
Barclay Trophy - Individual match play for Lefthanders (White tees)
Flighted Match Play - Individual match play ("A" Flight: Blue tees, "B" Flight: White tees)
Jenkins-Evans Two-Ball Trophy - Select Drive/Alternate shot team match play. (White tees)
Essroc Four-Ball Trophy - 2-man Best Ball stroke play (White tees)
Lou Garrison Trophy - Individual match play (Red tees)

Competition List, General Instructions, Scoring Examples

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Women's Match Play

Redmond Cup - Individual match play 
Women's Team Challenge - Select Drive/Alternate shot team match play

Competition List, General Instructions, Scoring Examples

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Mixed Match Play

Couples Challenge - for spouses/partners residing in the same household.
Mixed Team Challenge - 2 person mixed team, players may not be spouses.

Competition List, General Instruction, Scoring Examples

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