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The Key To Understanding Handicaps


All Club competitions require players keep a valid and up to date Handicap Index. 

As per the World Handicapping System, scores must be entered into the Golf Canada Score Center by midnight of the day of play. This will result in an up to date Handicap Index, and therefore an up to date Course Handicap. 

Under the World Handicapping System, a new Maximum Adjusted Score has been introduced and replaces the previous ESC (Equitable Score Control) adjustment. The Maximum Adjusted Score Value is NET DOUBLE BOGEY. This value is based on a player's Course Handicap and the use of the Stroke Index Allocation rating for the course. 

When using the "Hole-By-Hole" scoring method on the Golf Canada Score Center, this calculation will be done automatically. The use of the adjusted score value allows for the downward adjustment of individual hole scores for handicap purposes so that handicap indexes are a reflection of the player's demonstrated ability. The adjusted score is only applied when a player's actual (Gross) score, or most likely score, exceeds the adjusted score value.

Gross Score is the total number of strokes you take on every hole. Gross score is the value entered on the scorecard when playing in any competition. The adjusted score is used for posting your score and handicap purposes only.

When should a player "pick up"?
For the purposes of Pace Of Play, and only if you are not competing in a GROSS or NET event, it is ok to pick up after you have reached your adjusted score value. Your adjusted score value is based on your course handicap and may change over the season. Please ensure you are familiar with your adjusted values before you pick up.

Quick Tips and Details

How to Get A Handicap

How To Post Your Scores

Maximum Adjusted Scores and Net Double Bogey


Want to know more?
Golf Ontario supplies a wealth of information, videos and charts on the World Handicapping System through their Handicap Resource Centre. You can also access the Golf Ontario Club Presentation about the World Handicapping System here: