Picton Golf & Country Club

Established 1907

Key Information About The
Rules & Handicap Committee

Picton Golf & Country Club is a Member Club Facility of Golf Canada and its provincial association Golf Ontario. The Club’s contract with Golf Canada and Golf Ontario provides many benefits and it also comes with many responsibilities, including the mutual acceptance of the Handicap License Agreement.

The Club is required to have a Handicap Committee

The Handicap License Agreement allows the Club to operate using the official World Handicap System and the Course Rating System, to offer the system to its members and to the issue authorized Handicap Indexes. In exchange, the Club must establish a valid and operational Handicap Committee to manage the Handicap System as outlined by Golf Canada/Golf Ontario, promote compliance by its members and act in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Rules of Handicapping. Click to review the License Agreement.

Authorization and Mandate of the Handicap Committee 

The Committee is comprised of members of the Club (and occasionally staff members) who, in this role, are also volunteers for Golf Canada/Golf Ontario. Members must successfully complete the mandatory Handicap Certification Course offered through Golf Ontario.

The Committee receives its mandate and operating procedures from Golf Canada/Golf Ontario. The Committee seeks guidance from the Associations in the implementation of the Handicap system and has access to reporting tools and actions for its operation, including additional avenues for Club and/or member non-compliance. While the Committee works with the Board of Directors to ensure the Club management is aware of the Agreement details and responsibilities, it is an independent decision-making body, following the policies and practices provided by Golf Canada/Golf Ontario. 

Why the Committee is referred to as the Rules & Handicap Committee

The Rules of Golf go hand in hand with proper application of the Rules of Handicapping. In addition to adjudicating the handicapping process, the Committee also assumes the responsibility to support, address and offer education on the Rules of Golf and to operate in accordance with the Committee’s role as outlined in the Rules of Golf. To ensure the full responsibilities of the Committee are recognized, the Club has adopted the official name of Rules & Handicap Committee.

Role of the Rules & Handicap Committee

The Committee is responsible to supervise specific criteria for Club competitive events, provide peer review and adjudication of individual score posting records and history, and promote the correct use and integrity of the World Handicap System.

The Committee plays a vital role in the successful administration of a player’s Handicap Index and, through its mandate with Golf Canada/Golf Ontario, is equipped with tools to intervene when the calculated Handicap Index is no longer reflective of the player’s demonstrated ability or if the calculated Handicap Index is misused or misrepresented. It is the responsibility of the Rules & Handicap Committee to ensure the integrity and correct application of the handicap system, to make sure members comply with the Rules of Handicapping and to ensure handicaps are used for fair and equitable play in competition.

The Committee is charged with upholding the Course Rating System and the correct implementation of the resulting Stroke Index Allocation as outlined under the World Handicap System, and with being pro-active in any re-rating projects deemed necessary by Golf Ontario. The Committee is responsible to ensure that the Rules of Golf can be followed by golfers during competition and in general play. This includes working with the Course Superintendent to identify relevant on-course marking, staking and boundaries, and to provide guidance on other on-course related functions that impact the application of handicapping and the Rules of Golf.

The Rules & Handicap Committee provides education, guidance and support to members on the Rules of Handicapping and on the Rules of Golf. In addition, the Committee provides an avenue for members to resolve disputes, issues and questions about the application of the rules in competitions and in general play.