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July 2020


Touchless golf provides COVID-19 safety and improved play experience.

Touchless Golf Provides COVID-19 Safety & Improved Play Experience

"Touchless golf." On the surface, it doesn't sound all that enticing, but touchless golf is the newest trend sweeping through the worldwide golfing community - and it is taking off for more than just simple safety reasons.

Touchless golf definitely provides an extra layer of precautionary safety measures so that you can get all the benefits of golf without worrying about COVID-19.

It is also delivering surprising improvements in many other important aspects of player experience, for players of all ages and experience levels!

Curious to give touchless golf a try? Read on to learn how it works!


What Is Touchless Gof?

Touchless golf definitely first came about as courses sprang into action to implement COVID-19 safety measures.

Social distancing, mask-wearing, use of hand sanitizer and other now-common safety guidelines are on full display here at Picton Golf & Country Club.

In addition, we are making use of these special safety features:

  • Staggered tee times.
  • Dedicated play times for senior and junior players.
  • Occupancy limits for clubhouse, dining, pro shop and other special facilities.
  • Occupancy limits for golf carts.
  • Removal of high contact helps like ball washers and rakes.
  • Sanitization of all public use aids like ride-on carts, pull carts, gas carts, etc.
  • Modification of holes to make no-contact ball removal easy.

Each of these changes has created a fresh new experience of a timeless traditional sport in an unusual time period where both the novel and the familiar are much welcomed and needed.


Why Is Touchless Golf So Important?

The threat of contracting COVID-19 is universal, but how each person responds may look very different.

It is a very personal process - figuring out what feels safe and what doesn't feel safe right now in terms of recreation, social interaction, work space and many other daily life choices.

There is one thing nearly all health officials around the world appear to agree on: it can be beneficial for people to get outside, to be in nature and breathe fresh air and move, especially during such a stressful health crisis.

By the way, this handily explains why so many homes are sporting unusually lush-looking landscaping and garden beds this year. And it is why modern so-called "victory gardens" are cropping up on windowsills, balconies, rooftops and other unusual places all around Ontario.

Some media sources describe gardening as "almost therapeutic" in that working in the garden gets people outside into nature and offers an outlet in the midst of lockdown.

The same can be said of golf. As one of just a handful of sports open to athletes and enthusiasts of all ages, golf offers a unique combination of the very things most of us need most right now: fresh air, social contact, heart-healthy exercise and fun!


Why Golfers Are Loving Touchless Golf

Touchless golf is easy to love simply because it makes enjoying golf feel truly safe in a time when practically nothing feels safe.

You can get out into nature, enjoy Canada's all-too-brief warm season, challenge your mind and body and have some social connection with old and new friends.

But there is an extra added element that isn't apparent until you actually arrive at the course and experience touchless golf for yourself.

1. No Bunching At The Holes

With staggered tee times and additional staff on hand to provide guidance about safe social distancing practices, all the pressure is off to play throughout your scheduled tee time.

Each hole is your own since no bunching is permitted. While players who are brand new to the game of golf may lack the perspective to truly appreciate the difference, the feedback from experienced players has been all positive.

2. Squeaky Clean Golf Gear and Carts.

While there is no doubt the new safe play guidelines can make for more work for golf course staff and management, the players are getting all the benefits.

Golf gear and carts are squeaky clean and shiny. Washrooms and public use areas are similarly given the white glove treatment, which makes for a particularly posh play experience.

Patrons are also taking noticeably more care with the items they make use of during their golf outing so as to minimize extra work for the course staff.

3. Excited Golfers Who Are Thoroughly Enjoying Themselves

For many golfers, this is their first time experiencing golf - ever. This is true for new young golf members in particular who might otherwise be involved in their regular rotation of warm season group sports. 

Adults and seniors are also taking up golf like never before. For some, it has meant digging through a storage unit or closet to unearth clubs they had nearly forgotten they owned!

The positive energy, enthusiasm and gratitude that players exude on the course right now is palpable.

It is great to have a way to get outside safely. It is great to move, to exercise brain and body, to breathe fresh air, to smile and wave at other players, and to have something new and fun to discuss with loved ones over dinner each night.


Why Touchless Golf Is Good for You

If all this isn't enough, today's health science also proves that golfing is good for you!

You can read more about this in last month's blog post.


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