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Picton Golf 2021 Memberships Are Now Open

Looking For Things To Do In Picton? Give Picton Golf a Try! 

It is safe to say that nothing about 2020 - the first year of a fresh new decade - has felt normal. 

We've spent most of this year enduring an unprecedented global quarantine - hiding out from a virus that no one understands and health officials cannot predict nor control.

However, through it all, there has been one constant we have turned to time and again for comfort - NATURE. Fresh air. Sunshine. Getting outside. And, surprisingly - GOLF!

Golf has emerged as an oasis of reassuring normalcy this ear. Rounds played are up more than 25% nationwide! The game is also attracting more youth, women and novice players than ever before!

Golf courses have responded to the scare of COVID-19 with calm reassurance. Ensuring that safe, sanitary play guidelines are in place to welcome both new and experienced golfers. 

Are you looking for fun things to do in Picton? Do you need to find a new recreational hobby to keep your mind busy and active this year? Keep reading to learn why people are falling in love with golf! 

Picton Golf & Country Club is already taking on new members for our 2021 golfing season in the county as well! Do you need some fun summer activities lined up for you and the kids? Our beautiful golf course is one of Picton’s best attractions and activities! Register for your 2021 golfing season today!

Flexible and Virtual Working Hours Allow For Increased Hobby Time!

With increasingly staggered work hours and a largely virtual workforce, both avid and occasional adult golfers are finding some more time in their daily schedules for long lost hobbies and activities. Whether considered to be a recreational or a competitive hobby, it’s always good to work on and improve your golf game! Whether it be for business events, an outing with your father in law or a weekend activity with your family - golf will always remain a staple activity!

For young golfers who are being homeschooled, enrolled in virtual learning or staggered with on-campus hours, golf is a great solution to their loss of sporting events and other extracurricular activities. Looking for something fun to do in Picton? Our Picton Golf & Country Club provides fun activities for all ages and skill levels! Whether a beginner or advanced golfer, our Championship Course combines elements of fun and education to provide our young golfers with a great overall experience!

With the perfect balance of fresh air, sunshine, physical exercise, socially distanced socializing and comforting normalcy that this crazy year has ordered, Picton Golf course is the place to be. Just a short drive from Belleville on the beautiful Prince Edward County, it’s also the easiest to get to!

Golf Truly Is a Safe Sport During Coronavirus 

As Golf News Now reported just this past month, a full 94% of golf courses polled stated they have had zero cases of coronavirus among staff or guests.

This information is backed up by "contact capture" measures that require one person per group (whether or not they are playing) to provide full contact information in the event that contact tracing compliance becomes necessary at a later date.

Numbers and measures like these indicate that everything about the golf model works to support the safety of social distancing when in public areas. 

From staggered tee times to restrictions on equipment use, increased sanitizing measures to enforced mask wearing, golf courses are taking the threat of COVID-19 very seriously.

At Picton Golf & Country Club, your safety is extremely important to us! Our safety protocols are in place to provide you with a safe and fun activity, without the unnecessary stress of health concerns! 


Golf Is Replacing Traditional Youth Sports During Back-to-School

It is an understatement to say that this year's fall school semester has gotten off to a rocky start. One of the hardest hit areas has been extracurricular activities for students - particularly sports.

Educational information consistently shows that participation in the arts and sports can enhance learning and retention. With so many activities still off limits, this handily explains the noticeable surge of youth athletes' interest in golf as a social and competitive sport.

In fact, more than half a million junior golfers throughout North American have tried their hand at golf for the first time ever in 2020 thus far. 

As Golf magazine recently reported, junior golf has provided worried parents with a welcome suite of fresh options when faced with their young athletes who are understandably upset that COVID-19 has put their favourite seasonal sports on hold.


Picton Golf & Country Club has had many young golfers register for memberships this past year! Are you looking for a fun summer activity for summer 2021? We’re open and taking members! 


Golf Is Now More Affordable Than Ever

If all this wasn't already providing enough incentive for people to take up golfing together, there is one more perk that has put golf back on the radar - LOW GOLF RATES AND FEES.

This year, golf has emerged as one of a handful of recreational and competitive sports that continue to run in Ontario, and Canadians report that they are the better for it! 

Golfing gives individuals a reason to get outside, go for a stroll, enjoy nature and challenge their abilities! 

Ready to give golf a try? Register for a golfing membership at Picton Golf & Country Club! Whether you are a beginner or an expert, competitive or recreational, Picton golf course is the perfect location for you! 

Get in Touch With Picton Golf & Country Club!

At Picton Golf & Country Club , we take the health and safety of all our guests very seriously and invite you to review our COVID-19 "safe play" guidelines prior to your tee time.

Give our Pro Shop a call at 613-476-2222 or visit us online if you have any questions that we can assist you with! 

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