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Put your clubs away but not your Putter!

Are you already missing golf? The snow has been slow to arrive this year and as I drive by Picton Golf & Country Club and look at the green grass still trying to hang on, I think about teeing off on #2 and finally hitting that elusive green.
So your golf game was likely better in September than it was last May. Playing more often improves our game and after a long winter of not touching the clubs, we often find ourselves starting over each spring trying to get our game back. Did you ever think about why? Did you ever think that if you could start in May where you left off in September you'd soon go pro?!
Soon there will be snow on the ground in Picton and the thermometer on my car showed -8 degrees this morning so we've got a long way to go before golf opens again in the spring at Picton Golf Club. So how can you prevent being rusty next spring (no offence to Mr. Gilchrist)?
The answer is fairly simple: Build a winter golf training program. Over the next couple of months we're going to suggest to you some different ways that you can help lessen the impact that the idle winter months can have on your golf game.
Our first suggestion is: KEEP YOUR PUTTER OUT!
•    Leave your remote control golf caddy in the garage and trade it in for an electric auto-return putting cup. Set up a putting green on a carpet in any room of your home to practice because it’s all about maintaining that muscle memory for your swing or putt.
•    If space allows at your place, you can also chip practice balls into a net from a turf mat. These are available online for a minimal cost.
•    Putt down a straight line (perhaps a piece of masking tape).
•    Place the ball on a coin when putting. Keep your eye on the coin long enough to determine whether it's heads or tails before looking at the ball path.
•    Place 2 tees upside down balanced on their heads about 6 inches apart. Place the golf ball centered between the 2 tees and practice putting without knocking over the tees. This will greatly help ensure you are practicing for more consistent center hits which ultimately will result in better speed control and direction.
•    Practice putting with 2 golf balls at the same time. For short straight putts, being able to roll 2 balls together at the same time will help develop a square face at impact.
We hope these activities motivate you to practice, over and over again this winter. Check back with us often and be sure to read our Blog at https://pictongolf.ca/blog


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