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PGCC 2022 Rules & HCP News - Pre-Season Update

March 28, 2022
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Rules & Handicap Committee

Pre-Season News

Your Rules & Handicapping Committee has been working hard over the winter to prepare for the new 2022 season of golf at Picton Golf & Country Club. 

Handicap Verification Project

At the end of the 2021 Season, the Rules & Handicap Committee completed a pilot project to spot-check, review and verify the consistency of posted scores for members who participated in competitive events. Number of games played vs. number of scores posted were compared over a defined period of play. The results were surprising and concerning, showing that only 33% of the men and 37% of the women posted 80% or more of their scores. In a few cases, some competitive players posted only a few scores, or none at all, last season. The failure of players to consistently post scores leads to inaccuracies in personal handicaps and inequality in competition. Letters of Acknowledgement will be sent to the most serious offenders.

All competitive golf events – at our Club and elsewhere – require players to have valid and up to date handicaps, based on the World Handicap System. Why is this necessary? Valid and up to date handicaps enable players of differing abilities to compete on an equitable basis. Handicaps provide the cornerstone of fair play for Match play competitions and all NET competitions. Handicaps also provide the equitable application of demonstrated abilities for flighted competitions. 

Last fall’s pilot project has identified the need to adopt an on-going and consistent approach to handicap management and score-posting verification. Going forward, this methodology will apply to all members who wish to participate in future competitive events. Players failing to consistently post a minimum of 80% of their scores will not be eligible to participate in competitive events. Events include, but are not limited to, intra-club match play, inter-club events like Intersectionals and the Quinte Cup, our Club Championship and any other “NET” event. Reviews will be conducted throughout the season and will commence prior to the May start of intra-club Match play competitions. We have adopted the 80% threshold, rather than the maximum 100% threshold, to allow for games played outside of the Rules of Golf (i.e., scrambles, practise rounds, etc.)

Did you know that handicaps are valid indefinitely for inactive or non-posting members providing they do not continue to play rounds of score-acceptable golf?  Playing one or more acceptable rounds (played under the Rules of Golf) without posting, invalidates the handicap. Upon notice, Golf Canada/Golf Ontario can elect to withdraw the member’s handicap status.

For more information on Handicapping and the Rules of Golf, please visit the Rules and Handicapping page on the Club’s website. 

Please note we recognize that many members enjoy golf as a recreational activity only and do not wish to participate in competition and therefore do not develop or keep a valid handicap and are under no obligation to post scores.


Are you Rules Ready for the 2022 Season?

Would you like to know more about the Rules of Golf, or need a refresher before the season starts? Golf Ontario is offering a complimentary online course covering the basics of the Rules of Golf and Level 1 Rules Certification. Please click to access the Golf Ontario Rules Courses

Don’t forget, our Club website offers easy to understand information on the rules, handicapping and scoring. Click here to access now. 


2022 Rules and Handicap Committee

Our Member Club Facility Agreement with Golf Canada and Golf Ontario stipulates that the Club must have an active Rules & Handicap Committee, made up of peer members and staff. The mandate of the Committee is to uphold the principles of the Rules of Golf and Handicapping, to offer education and communication, and to promote accountability in application.

The 2022 Rules & Handicap Committee currently consists of the following: members Alice Carlson, Judi Edwards, Debbie Rankin and Don Rodney, along with staff member Scott Bigg. We thank our outgoing member, Rick Armour, for his past service and commitment as he retires from the Committee. The Committee is seeking an additional member to fill this vacancy. The pre-requisites are an open mind, an ability to participate as a team member, and a desire to understand and play by the Rules of Golf. If you have any questions about the Committee, or are interested in being part of this team, please let us know. You can simply reply to this message, or send a separate email to handicapcommittee@pictongolf.ca

As always, we welcome all your feedback and questions. 


Your Rules & Handicapping Committee


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