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Stroke Index Allocation – What is it and how is it used?

The Quick Tip

The Stroke Index Allocation (SIA) are values assigned to each hole on our course. On the Club scorecard you will see two rows entitled “Stroke Index Men” and “Stroke Index Women". These rows represent the Stroke Index Allocation value of each hole and are known informally as “stroke holes” or “handicap holes”

Each hole has its own Stroke Index Allocation (SIA) value, 1 through 18. There is a complex formula used to determine which hole gets what value. In simplest terms, the course rating data is combined with the results of a comparison between a large sampling of scores from scratch and bogey golfers to produce values that are largely based on the difficulty of each hole: value 1 for the hardest hole, value 18 for the easiest hole. Odd difficulty values are then assigned to the front 9 and even difficulty values to the back 9. Finally, adjustments are added for equitable assignment of strokes in match play. 

SIA values are used in conjunction with a player’s course handicap to determine strokes given or received in match play, net hole scoring as used in some competitions, and in the important calculation of a player’s Maximum Adjusted Score of NET DOUBLE BOGEY.

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