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PGCC 2022 Rules & HCP News - Notice Fall Score Posting Review

August 13, 2022
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August 13, 2022 Newsletter

Notice of Fall Score Posting Review

With two score posting reviews completed earlier this season, we are happy to note that more members are posting their scores regularly. We are delighted that this indicates adherence to the Handicap System and a better understanding of the need for valid handicaps and their use in providing equity and fair play in competitions. Thank you to everyone for getting on board with this world-wide system.

In preparation for the next round of competitive events, the Rules & Handicap Committee will conduct the third and final golf score posting review of this season. The review will start on September 1 and will focus on members who have signed up to compete in the Club Championships that are being held September 10 & 11. Score posting history and consistency for rounds played from July 18 to August 31 will be assessed. Eligibility to participate in the Club Championships will be based on a score posting threshold of at least 80% of rounds played. 

While the Club Championship is a gross score event, valid and up to date handicaps are necessary for player placement in appropriate flights and to allow for equitable play.

How are Reviews conducted?

Data from the Tee-On System is used to provide the number of games played, dates played and playing partners, for the designated player group. Known scrambles and best ball games for Wednesday Sr. Men’s league, Wednesday Women’s league and Thursday Men’s league are removed from the initial data as these games do not produce valid scores. This information is then compared to the Golf Canada Score Centre record of scores posted for the same group and time frame. The percentage of scores posted vs. games played is then calculated to produce the final report. Members whose posted scores are less than 80% of games played are flagged.

Why 80%?

While players are responsible for posting 100% of valid games, we understand that sometimes games are not played under the Rules of Golf. Some examples of games that do not produce valid scores - and therefore cannot be posted - are scrambles or best ball formats, team match play, practice games using more than one ball, etc. We have adopted an 80% threshold to account for non-valid rounds.

Results Of The Review

Following the review, individual notices will be sent to members whose score posting for games played between July 18 and August 31 do not meet the threshold of at least 80%. These players will be encouraged to respond and provide information on games played but not posted. Review status may be adjusted if the players can demonstrate that the missing scores were not posted because those games did not produce valid scores. 

Please remember that valid and up-to-date handicaps are required for members who wish to participate in all intra-club match play, inter-club events like Intersectionals and the Quinte Cup, the Club Championships and other “net” or "flighted" events.

For more information, please see the Rules & Handicapping Section on the Club's website. If you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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