October 21, 2016 PGCC Update | Picton Golf Club

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What's Happening
At The Club

  • 2016 AGM
    Tuesday Nov 1st

    In the Clubhouse
    Click here for Notice and Proxy

  • Last day of play
    Sunday Nov 6th
  • Course Closed for the season
    Monday Nov 7th
  • 2017 Membership fees due
    April 1st, 2017

There are still two weeks left in the season, so for the intrepid, there is a bit more time to enjoy some late season golf. The course continues to be in great shape, though the leaves are falling, the breezes are brisk and the days grow short. Now, even on sunny days it’s a challenge to even see your ball as it arcs towards its gentle resting place on the fairway. Soon it will be time to bid adieu to the 2016 season and look fondly to next year when we will all be back for another season of fun and friendship at the Picton Golf & Country Club.

Members' Closing Tournament and Awards Dinner

A number of us came out last Sunday for the Members' Closing Tournament and Awards dinner. It was a cold, wet and blustery day to play golf but we endured the elements and many of us played well considering the challenges mother nature threw at us.

There were quite a few awards handed out and some of our members had particularly great seasons. Garry Daly was a triple winner winning the D flight in the Club Championship, the Barclay’s Left Handers Trophy and the Essroc four ball with 82-year-old Russ Gilchrist as his partner. Dave Hoekstra was also a multiple winner with the A Flight Match Play Championship and with partner Don Van Es, the Jenkins-Evans Two Ball Trophy. It was a great season and congratulations to all who participated in all our club competitions. Everyone had fun and we hope for even more participation next year. For a complete list of winners click here.

We have to thank Richard Linnett and Jeanie Peruzza, our men’s and women’s Games Captains for jobs well done. Kudos to Scott Bigg and the staff at the Pro Shop for keeping things organized. Thanks to all and let’s look forward to another great season of friendly competition next year.

Some Cold Weather Tips

There’s still time to try for that personal best in the next two weeks. Cold weather conditions for golf can be challenging but there are a few things you can do to make the game more enjoyable.

First –dress warmly, wear a number of layers to protect against the chill. If you warm up, you can always remove a layer but adding a layer you don’t have is not an option. Gloves are important, wear two, especially if you choose to ride in a cart. Winter gloves are available in the pro shop as well as toques to keep your head and ears warm.

Second - remember that the ball is cold, it won’t fly as far in cold air, so go up a club or two. That seven iron shot in July could be five iron effort in October. Grips will also be cold, the rubber compounds won’t feel as tacky, so make sure you practice with gloves or carry a hand warmer to give yourself a better hold on the club.

Third – this is the time to use softer balls – the Callaway Super Softs and new Titleist DT Soft balls – both in stock at the pro shop - are ideal for cooler conditions. You won’t hit the ball as far but the feel and spin will still be fine even on the coolest days

Fourth – pack a warm beverage. Hot chocolate in an insulated cup will stay warm for at least the first few holes. Beer on the course in cold weather is not a great choice.

Fifth – consider playing from the forward tees. The ball won’t go that far and it’s cold anyway. Moving a tee box or two forward will shorten the distance and likely the time you’re outside and it will give you different feel for the course.

Finally – just relax and have fun. Over the winter you can practice at an indoor facility like the golf dome in Belleville or go South for a few rounds.

We look forward to seeing you at the course over these last two weeks and if you choose not to play for the rest of the year, then there’s always next year…

Important Dates

There are still some important dates left this year. 

The 2016 Annual General Meeting, will be held on Tuesday Nov 1 at the Clubhouse. Registration begins at 6;30pm, meeting starts at 7:00pm. Please plan on attending – it’s your club and this is your opportunity to see the business side of the club. Click here for the AGM Notice and Proxy.

Sunday Nov 6th is the last day of play for the 2016 Season. All lockers and storage areas need to be cleared of articles by the end of the day.

The Clubhouse will also be closing soon. The Grill will close on Sunday Oct 30th.  
A limited menu of drinks, sandwiches and snacks will be available from now until Oct 30th. 

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