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Established 1907

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Rusty's Invitation


in 2017, I was honoured to be asked to be the Men's Games Captain at the Club. I do not use the word honour lightly. As some of you know, I have been playing at Picton Golf & Country Club for the better part of 50 years, starting off as a Junior Member, being dropped off every day of my summer vacation in the County at 8:00 am, playing the course, 9 hole loops at the time, almost always 4 times a day, and sometimes, as I waited to be picked up, and if I could sneak it in, a final inside 3. (what is now holes 1-17-18).  Back in those days, you merely walked left off the first green, and there it stood, the daunting Par 5 tee blocks… the old Guys used to say…. "Son, if you can't hit it over the road, pick up your ball, put your bag in your locker, and we'll see you later"… (Some of you older members know of whom I speak)

Ok at this point, some are saying… you have played since you were 5…… what happened… slow learner? Others maybe saying what is the point of this story…. And yes, I guess I have never really excelled at The Game…. But I will continue to try. But continuing to try is not the whole point of this story.  The reason for me writing this is to share my some of my memories of the Club with you and ask you to share your stories too. I have so many fond memories of this Club, the people I played with, particularly my Dad and his friends, many of whom I still play with today. I am sure that all of you have some incredible stories and memories as well. Some of your memories may come across you out of nowhere, sparked by tee shot you or your playing partner just hit (that perhaps wasn't what was planned), or the hole in one that your friend had that made you even happier they were - just because…

So, finally the point…. I encourage all of you to share your wonderful stories with all of us. Many of us hear great stories on the deck after our games - stories from old members and new members alike. Wouldn’t it be great to share these stories with everyone? A View From The Deckwill be a regular feature in upcoming E-Blasts and on our website and will include all the great stories and adventures about the Club from members like you. Please send your story to me so that it can be included it in and edition of A View From The Deck.  You can email me at rustygilchrist9@gmail.com or put it in an envelope for me and drop it off in the Pro Shop.

Let me leave you with this….. as you turn into the Club laneway, you are not entering an exclusive Private Club. There are no fancy gates, liveried bag handlers and Club Greeters ….. But you must stop… cuz you see, there just may be a Greeter… teeing it up on 17 (a little closer to the Green than it used to be). And if there is, I can almost guarantee that when they wave you through, whether you know them or not, whether you roll down your window and exchange hellos, friendly insults or jokes, that is a greeting that starts a great day… and you continue down the hole-potted road, (and no, it’s not Magnolia Lane) …to a parking lot where its almost impossible to get to the first tee without exchanging more hellos or friendly jabs with those you meet. Finally, you Tee It Up… and reflect; after all, It's just a Game…. But what an incredible place we get to play it.

I look forward to hearing all your great stories.

August 2018