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What's Happening At The Club


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Presidents Message

By the time you are reading this newsletter we will have been open for eight weeks. The course could not be in better shape, making it worth the wait! I believe our pro shop has never looked better and I am quickly getting used to posting my scores at the PC in the ‘corner’. We welcome back many familiar faces in the pro shop, the course maintenance crew and in the restaurant.  Thank you to all who came out and enjoyed the Members’ Opening Reception. It was so nice to see so many there.  A big shout out goes to Alexander Stasiw, the winner of the draw for $300. His Dad appreciated it too. To those of you who missed it, there is always next year.

I want to address with each of you a very disturbing issue. I am going to call it Staff Abuse, because frankly that is what it is. It seems some members (and guests) believe it’s acceptable to berate the staff. We have been open for 8 weeks and I have had multiple complaints about this. It primarily happens in the Golf Club Grill. 

  • It is not OK to make remarks of a sexual nature to the serving staff or the cart staff! They don’t think you are funny.
  • It is not OK to yell at the top of your voice because the draft beer you like is out and the Beer truck is not coming till the next day!
  • It is not OK to scream at a server, bringing her to tears, because you can’t get an egg in the middle of a busy dinner service!
  • It is not OK to follow staff around while you berate them!

Yes, these things have happened. These are just the incidences I know about.  All of the staff at our golf club, regardless where they work or what their job is, deserve common courtesy. If you have an issue in the restaurant, take it directly to Steve or Jenny. If you have an issue with anything else (proshop, course) please address your concerns to board@pictongolfclub.ca.  The staff at this golf course work very, very hard for your enjoyment; they deserve better. Remember our tag line; Fun, Friendly, Great Golf.

I am sending a strong message to the membership that we have zero tolerance for harassment or abuse, and those found to be in violation of this policy will be dealt with appropriately. Even if you are not directly the cause, please do not stand by and not speak up if the individual creating the problem is in your party. The Board at this Club fully supports Steve and Jenny if they should refuse service to a customer (member or not).

Deb Rankin, Club President

No matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all!

Finance Report 

I am very pleased to report that we have a very strong balance sheet. Our current comparative cash position is ahead of last year by $13K and reflects a payment of $31K for our new furnaces and air conditioners.

Total revenues YTD are up +9% with memberships tracking slightly ahead of last year at 300, while green fees and cart revenues are up +12%.

A continued focus and tightening of expenses has paid dividends as YTD comparative numbers are down $12K, despite general cost increases of 3 to 4%.

Overall YTD net income has improved by $41K.

Your continued support and promotion of the Golf Club and Grill is truly appreciated.

Respectively submitted,
Glynne Jones
Finance Director

Pro Shop

At long last the seasonable weather has arrived which should encourage golfers to get out and get back into the swing of things.  Members have been enjoying a few more rounds this year versus last year with member rounds up 4.5%.

Through the Pro Shop’s Tee-On booking system, we have the ability to extract a lot of information about our rounds booked, but the information is only as good as the data going in.  For everyone that uses the on-line system, we would ask that you assist us with the data by ensuring that all of your playing partners are entered correctly.  Please refrain from simply using guest or golfer as a name.  If you are booking for fellow members, please add them to your player list on the tee-on site from the members’ list that is available.  If anyone has any questions, Scott and the Pro Shop staff will be more than happy to walk you through the correct process.  

The Pro Shop is well stocked for all of your golfing needs.  If there are any products or programs that you would like to see in your Pro Shop, please let us know.  We do have some limitations, but we are attempting to make this your destination for your golfing needs.  As a reminder, our prices are at or below the big box competition and you also receive a members’ discount of 15% off all regular priced merchandise (except balls).  Special Orders are always available and it will be at a significant discount from normal market prices.  Please see Scott for any of your special order needs.

Watch the specials tab on the Pro Shop website for more specials that will be coming throughout the season.  Our Father’s Day specials started June 1st.

David Franks, Pro Shop and Games Director

Marketing Report 

The next key points on our calendar are launched or about to be.

  • Picton Golf and Country Club 2016 Jr golf program
  • Get Ready Golf
  • Father’s Day

Print and radio ads are done and in place and have begun or scheduled to begin on schedule.

A decision will be made in the first week of June re the Hickory Shaft event; whether to go ahead or shelve the event.

So proud of community support with prizes for Member Guest, very generous.

Bob Mauro, Marketing Director

Greens Report

Things are progressing well as we move into early summer. The rapid transition from cold and wet to the more recent hot and dry weather presents a challenge for maintenance staff, but course conditions are very good. We are still below our full staff complement, but slower turf growth resulting from current weather conditions allows us to shift staff from continuous cutting to other tasks. 

Greens have been topdressed recently, and players will see green speeds increasing as cutting heights are lowered to their seasonal norm. Surfaces on the new tee decks will continually improve as staff aerate, topdress and roll throughout the summer. 

Our thanks to Chris and his staff for their efforts in presenting our members and guests with excellent playing conditions. We hope that everyone is out there enjoying themselves and having a great time at our club.

Steve Ward, Director, Greens

House Report

Barring a couple of issues as mentioned in the President’s report, things have been going well. The food has been well received and many of the servers are back from last year so they have more experience.

We have made a significant investment in the heating and air conditioning this year by installing a brand new system. The upgrade was long overdue and we expect that patrons in the clubhouse will find it comfortable regardless of the weather outside.

As the season continues, we wish for continued success and wish to thank Steve and Jenny for the outstanding job they and their team are doing for us.

Remember this is our clubhouse, your continued support is vital to insure that we maintain the high standards of food and service that the Purtelles are providing for us.

Cheers and hope to see you all in the clubhouse or on the deck for a fine light meal and an adult beverage.

Riivo Ilves, House Director

Special Projects – Jim JJ Johnston, Vice President and Special Projects

Junior program Update

Mike Pero's ‘Golf Tips for all County Kids’ Junior Clinics have been a great success. Mike has been of tremendous help in getting our Junior program off the ground. His clinics have been well received and at this point dozens of local kids have been introduced to golf through his efforts. The next clinic is June 11th from 9 AM until noon. Mike does clinics at 9, 10 and 11 AM and gives individual instruction as well. One free bucket of balls is provided for every junior golf participant. Thanks again to Mike, the volunteers and Tim and Sandra for providing the use of their range.

Our next Junior-Senior Team Event is Monday June 13th. It’s an alternate shot 9-hole event. It promises to be a fun night with prizes conducted by Mike Pero.

See our website at pictongolf.ca for details on more upcoming junior events

Monday Mentor nights will be in gear next week. Thanks to Bob Mauro, Rivo and Maie Ilves, Deb Rankin, JJ Johnston, Muriel Thibert and Sean Billings for stepping up as mentors. If you or you know anyone else who might want to mentor, please let Scott know at the pro shop.

Our Junior-Senior nights started the first week of June and run through until the end of August. Every Tuesday night Seniors and Juniors can play 9 Holes together for a special price. Cart and Green Fees for a Senior and Junior is only $20. If the Senior is a member it is just $10. The Golf Club Grill features a special meal for the Juniors after the round; hot dog, fries and a pop for only $6! Remember Juniors play for half the going price for all of the 2016 season! Just call the Pro Shop to book.

Ambassador Program. Ambassadors are all about helping PGCC become famous for "Fun, Friendly, Great Golf”. An extension of the Board, they’re friendly and knowledgeable “go to” folks, recognizable by the white Ambassador buttons they wear.

Keep on the smile, hit ‘em a mile, don’t be late and hit ‘em straight!

Latest Club News

It’s been a great season so far......
For the most part we have been blessed with great weather and our season has been terrific so far. Rounds are up and there has been a lot of activity at the club. We have started a number of new initiatives and kept up with many of our traditional activities as well. Here’s a summary of some of the recent activities at the club.

Teaching Pro Robert Keyes

Robert Keyes has now joined our team as he partners with Picton Golf & Country Club to provide golf  instruction to our members. His introductory clinic held May 30th was very interesting and well attended by over 30 members. A relaxed and enjoyable time was had by everyone at the reception following the clinic. 17 participants have registered to attend the Get Golf Ready Program, sponsored by Picton Golf & Country Club and taught by Robert.  Graduates of this program will be welcomed on the course to further their introduction to golf in the GGR Mentor Program later this summer.  Stay tuned for more information on how you can get involved. For more information about Robert and his teaching services, click here or visit the Golf Instruction page on our website.

Men’s and Women’s Opening Events

While it may have been a Saturday with challenging weather conditions, 60 of our male members braved the elements in our opening men’s event on the 13th of May. Kudos to Chef Lyndon and Jenny’s team for providing a great meal after our contingent of cold, soaked duffers came in from a blustery drizzled day of golf.

The Women's Section Opening Day Scramble and Luncheon was held on Saturday May 7th  and the weather co-operated.  There were 41 members registered for golf and lunch, a really good turn-out, more than half of our women members.  This year, we had prizes for the winning team as well as some prizes for some of the fun games that we played.   The winning team was Elayne Meharg, Maie Ilves, Myrna Kidnew and Debbie Rankin.  Congratulations to the winners of the individual prize holes, Kathy O'Driscoll (closest to the pin #2 and closest to the rope #7); Debbie Rankin (closest to the pin #4) and the winner of the putting contest, B.J.Campbell.  The winner of the door prize was Ann Brown, who won a great Picton Golf Club bag, a bottle of wine and various beauty products.  Hope to see you all at our closing meeting and luncheon!

Jeanie Perruzza, Women's Captain.

Tee Time Availability Update

Deep tine aeration will be carried out on all greens on Wednesday June 22, in an effort to loosen soils in lower levels and allow improved moisture penetration and retention. Tee times from 7 am to the start of senior league at 8 am will be cancelled on the 22nd in order to allow acheduled aeration work to stay ahead of play.

Regular tee times will be available on Saturday June 18th.  The previously scheduled Mayor's Tournament has been cancelled.

The Hickory Shaft Event, scheduled for August 22, has been cancelled due to insufficient entries. If you registered for this event, please see Scott Bigg in the Pro Shop for a refund. Regular tee times will be available on this date.


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