July 31, 2016 Important Announcement | Picton Golf Club

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Picton Golf and Country Club

Picton Golf & Country Club Important Announcement
Re: Club's acquisition of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

To All Members:

The club has purchased an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator).  It has been installed in a cabinet on the wall on the southeast corner of the members lounge.  It is identified by a prominent AED sign.

Last Wednesday members of the board, staff from the pro shop and the Grill, as well as interested parties from the Women’s Section Executive attended a course in basic resuscitation and use of the AED presented by Ray Chapman of Rescue 7.

In brief, the device is to be used in instances of cardiac collapse.  The patient is unconscious, and not breathing.  When this is witnessed, the first thing to do is call 911.  Next, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is commenced with vigorous sternal compressions at about 100 per minute. There is a facemask in the kit along with the AED. The facemask should be placed over the patient's nose and mouth so that breathing can be assisted by whoever else is nearby.

The AED is brought from its cabinet and the pads are pulled out using the green tabs.  All clothing is removed from the patient's chest.  There is a pair of scissors in the kit beside the AED for cutting off clothing.  Remove the protective film from both pads and place each where indicated. One is placed just below the right collarbone.  The other below the left armpit. (instructions on these placements are indicated on the pads) If the patient has an exceptional amount of body hair, use the razor provided in the kit to shave the pad areas.

The AED is turned on with the “ON” button on the front of the AED.  From this point on, the AED will give step-by-step verbal instructions.  To allow the AED to register cardiac activity, CPR and any touching of the patient should be stopped.  The AED will analyze things and tell you whether to push the “SHOCK” button, or not. The “Shock” button is also on the front of the AED.  It will not let you do the wrong thing, so do not be afraid.

If this happens on the golf course, call 911 from the course first. Then call the pro shop to bring out the AED, and start CPR until the AED arrives or the paramedics get there.

Hopefully, this device will never be used, but if it is, the patient has a much better chance of surviving than without the AED available.

I know it was not possible for everyone to have attended the instruction course. I am willing to give instruction to any individual or group who approaches me to do so. I can be reached at: ilcom2@aol.com or 613-476-1605.

I would also like to thank the PECH Ladies Aux for a generous donation to this effort, as well as the individuals who contributed to this project by donating to the fundraising jar that was in the pro shop last year.

Riivo Ilves, MD, FRCSC
House Director

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