July 29, 2016 PGCC Update | Picton Golf Club

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What's Happening
At The Club

  • Tuesday August 2nd
    Women's Invitational Scramble. Click here for details
  • Sunday August 7th
    Women's Golden Girls & Diamond Girls Day. Sign up sheets posted Women's bulletin board
  • August 13 & 14
    Club Championships
    Sign up in the Pro Shop
  • August 15th
    Junior/Senior Alternate Shot Event.
    Click here for details
  • August 18th
    Eva Monroe Memorial Golf Tournament in support of the Alzheimer's Society.
    Click here for details.
  • August 28th
    Eric Reynolds "Summer's End" Tournament & BBQ.
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Join us for the Club Championship
August 13th & 4th

Over the past few years we have seen fewer and fewer members participate in our Club Championship. This is a shame since it is the highlight of the season and almost everyone that plays in it has a really good time.

Club Championships are an old tradition. In the early days of golf, the best player at a club would be considered the ‘scratch player’ and everyone else would get strokes in relation to their skill compared to that person. Usually the scratch player acted as a club pro, teaching others to play, making and repairing golf clubs and generally organizing the games at the club. With the advent of transferable handicaps, players could play each other at various clubs but the main event for all would be to see who the top amateur was at their own club.

Our club has a long and storied tradition and over the years developed championships to match skill levels of all its golfers. With three flights for women and four for men, golfers play in groups with similarly matched abilities. This year we have even added a fun ‘Play It Forward’ flight, using relaxed rules as defined by the golf channel. Although the A flights can be competitive and will showcase the very best of our golfers, the other groups are more restrained in competitive spirit, proportional to capabilities of the players in the group. The result is that the event is focused on fun and friendly golf with a mild thrill of competition to spice things up.

The Championship is open to all members. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Junior, Intermediate, afternoon or nine-hole member. All members are welcome to participate. We only ask that you have a valid and up to date handicap (with the exception of the Men’s ‘Play It Forward’ flight). If you don’t have a handicap, there’s still time to record one. If you need help, use the computer at the pro shop and one of our friendly and capable staff can guide you.

We know there are many members who have never played a competitive round for various reasons. There is a misconception that the Club Championship is overly formal, slow paced and focused on competitive pressure. Nothing could be further from the truth. Over the past few years we have improved the pace of play so that most groups come in well under the four hours and fifteen minutes it takes to play a regular game. The Championship is far more of a social event than a competition. It’s easy to tell from the smiles after the rounds that almost all of the entrants remember their best drives, long putts and the thrills that come from executing great shots around the course as well as the support and fellowship of their playing partners throughout the round.

The reality is that once you commit to playing a competitive round, it’s surprising how the reasons you haven’t played before fade into insignificance.  The effort becomes two days of fun. If you find yourself in the final threesome, the thought enters your mind that your name might actually find itself on the trophy plaques displayed in the clubhouse.

The club championship is a great social event. There’s nothing better than the camaraderie and party atmosphere of sitting on the deck watching the players come in at the 18th green and seeing how they play their final hole. Another plus is that you may find yourself golfing with players that you have never played with before. Many great friendships and playing partnerships have begun with a round at the Championship. And everyone, winners and runners up, are all a part of what makes the Championship special.

In years past, our Club Championship weekend was full of fun, excitement and golf related entertainment. Many of our older members remember the spirited bidding of our Championship Calcutta, as people bought teams to predict the outcome and win the pot after the tournament was over. We also had a Friday night shootout, (sponsored in recent years by Eric Reynolds). This highly anticipated 3-flight pre-Championship elimination event was very popular and would often end in near darkness with winner being the golfer who survived the most holes. We are not so far removed from these traditions. With rejuvenated interest, support and attendance in our Club Championship, we can return to these activities and even create new institutions to add color and interest to our crowning event of the season.

If you are considering joining us at the Club Championship or you have questions, do not hesitate to ask a board member, ambassador, our staff at the pro shop or any member who has participated in the past. Click here if you would like to ask a question now. If you have never played in a format like this, it’s time to try it. Sign-up sheets are posted on the bulletin boards downstairs in the clubhouse.

Join us in our Club Championship – we guarantee that you will treasure the experience.

Calling all Junior/Senior duos!
Do you have a visiting grandkid? Do you know a young golfer you can encourage? Why not team up and enter the Jr/Sr (or Adult) Alternate Shot mini tournament on Monday August 15th?  It will be a great afternoon on the course and supports our Junior program at the same time. Non-members are most welcome! Sign up in the Pro Shop by August 12th. Click here for more details.

Keystroke Golf Academy
Click to read Robert Keyes' next Straight Ahead article "Stay Neutral To Go Forward". For more information about Robert and Keystroke Golf Academy, visit our website or click here.

Kingston District News
Did you know that Picton Golf & Country Club is part of the Kingston District of Golf Ontario?(formerly the Golf Association of Ontario) Several of our members attend District meetings to ensure that we are up to date with GO and Golf Canada information, regulations and events. Our members also participate in many district events, courses and other functions and of course, our Club Champs compete in the District Championship. The Kingston District is managed by a group of volunteers drawn from the clubs it represents. Several positions will become vacant at the end of this year as terms come to an end. These positions are: District Co-Ordinator, Games Convenor and Treasurer. If you would like to have a say in the operation and management of Golf Ontario/Kingston District, please contact current DC, Shirley Egerton at: shirleyegerton@cogeco.ca
For more information about our District, click to visit the Kingston District website now.

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