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The "Fun Times" Edition.......

What's Happening
At The Club

  • Junior Club Championships
    July 16th & 17th.
    Contact the Pro Shop for complete details.
  • Women's Invitational Scramble
    Tuesday August 2nd
    Put a team together for this fun tournament! Click here for details.
  • Women's Golden Girls & Diamond Girls Tournament
    Sunday August 7th. 50 and over? This is your day! Sign up sheet posted on women's bulletin board. Need more info? Click here to contact the Women's Section.
  • Club Championships 
    August 13 & 14
    Plan to join us this year! Watch for complete details, including flight and division info and the new "Play It Forward" Men's fun division. Information will be posted on bulletin boards, in the Pro Shop and in upcoming E-Blasts.
  • Intersectional Match Play, Women's "B" Division
    Sunday August 21st.
    If your hcp factor is 18.5 or over and you are interested in participating, please click here to contact the Women's Section.
  • Eric Reynolds Summer's End Tournament & BBQ
    Sunday August 28th.
    Click here for details.

Fun and Games

There’s a lot more you can do inject more fun in your golf game. Golf has a long and storied history. Although its origins are celebrated as one of Scotland’s great cultural contributions to the world (others like haggis are less popular, scotch whiskey arguably more celebrated), the game is thought to be based on the Roman game paganica. Various nations claim that golf-like games originated in their countries but it’s really hard to disprove that the Scots can lay claim to the development of what we now know and cherish as golf.

Gambling and golf are as old as the game. While as a club, we do not promote, nor condone, wagering of any kind, we do understand that there may be the odd bet placed on games between consenting adults. We prefer that you play these games for fun rather than gamble, they can be a challenge even without actually placing any stakes on the outcome.

The handicap system has its origins in betting. The term handicapping originated in horse racing; a jockey was handed his odds for the race in a cap (hand-in-cap). Early on, the act of allowing strokes in golf was called ‘assigning the odds’. In the nineteenth century the game and betting on matches were evolving in lock-step. Eventually, odds on games developed into strokes gained or given and the modern handicap system was created to allow parity for golfers of varying skills to play competitively against each other. In the 1800’s and early into the twentieth century, professional golfers largely made their living by playing matches against amateurs and giving strokes to help even the odds against their opponents. The reputation of professional golf was sufficiently low that one of the greatest players in the game, Bobby Jones, never became a professional golfer and won all of his many tournaments as an amateur.

Developing your handicap, and ensuring it is up to date,  is important; not only does it allow you to play in sanctioned matches but allows for fair competition in friendly games as well. The main reason the holes are ranked in order of difficulty on the score card is so that strokes can be assigned to even-up the matches between players. For example, if there is a handicap difference of five between two players in a match, the lower handicap player gives one stroke on each of the five most difficult holes, netting the higher handicap player one on each of those holes.

Some games to try.......
One of the simplest games – You compete on the front nine, back nine and overall. The game can be with or without handicap. If you are playing with handicaps, you adjust the stroke holes for each nine. Players simply add up the scores for each nine and overall. A player can make the game more interesting by pressing, essentially doubling the stakes for a nine and building up the pot.

This is essentially a match play format played by multiple players. Each hole is a skin and a player wins a skin by recording a better score than the others in the group. If two or more payers tie a hole, then the skin is carried over, meaning that the next hole is worth two skins to whomever wins the hole, regardless of their score on the previous hole. Skins can be carried over indefinitely until someone wins a hole, so in theory a hole could amount to as many as 18 skins. 

Hollywood (or Round Robin)
This is played by a foursome. Each player is partnered with other members of the group for six holes each. A maximum of two points are scored on each hole. Points are scored for low score within the foursome and for aggregate for each set of partners. Some variations of the game allow for an extra stroke to be given to a pair of partners if their score falls below four points. The game can be played with or without handicaps.

Bingo, Bango Bongo
This sounds like a really bad beach movie but it’s a popular and very simple game. Players win points for:

  • First shot on the green
  • Closest to the pin when all four are on the green
  • First to hole out

Total points win the game, no handicaps. You can play this for a whole game or just the par 3’s or even one hole.

There are many more games that have developed over the years that add a little fun to your round on the course. Everything from Wolf, Six Point Scratch, Dogmeat (usually for one hole and for adult beverages), Vegas and Rabbit, just to name a few.

We also have Picton Poker, a card game that is played now on many other courses that originated right here in our own club. For an explanation of that game, its origins and rules, click here. Our thanks go out to Rusty Gilchrist, who sent us the rules and history of the game.

These games are a lot of fun and add some spice to your outings on the course. One thing to remember is to be mindful that you need to observe place of play. All of these games involve a little extra calculation, so please advance to the next hole before you tally any scores or statistics from the hole you have just played.

The main consideration in all of these games is to have fun. So happy golfing everyone and we look forward to many interesting conversations on the deck after your rounds.

And speaking of fun.........
The Eric Reynolds Summer's End Tournament and BBQ is shaping up to be a great event with lots of fun, an interesting format and a fabulous way to enjoy the day at our Club. This event will be held Sunday August 28, with a 1:00pm shotgun and is open to everyone - no handicaps required. Registration if filling up fast, so sign up in the Pro Shop soon. Click "Summer's End Tournament & BBQ" for details.

Keystoke Golf Academy

Click to read Robert Keyes article "The Shadow Knows" , another in his series of Straight Ahead articles. For more information about Robert and Keystroke Golf Academy, visit our website or click here .

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