Picton Golf & Country Club

Established 1907

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Intra-club competitions

  • Club members only
  • Sign-up in the Women’s Lounge and at the Mixed Board (for mixed competitions)
  • These tournaments require you to have a valid handicap. Don’t forget to enter your ESC score into the computer after every game (9 or 18 holes).

Fred Purcell Competition

Golden Girls and Diamond Girls Tournament 

More Fun Stuff

Match Play Events:

The Redmond Cup

Women’s Alternate Shot

Mixed Match Play (Couples Challenge and Mixed Alternate Shot)

Important Match Play Information

  • Please watch the bulletin boards for sign up deadlines and pairings.
  • We ask that you stipulate which tee you regularly play from. 
  • A blind draw will determine who plays whom in the first match.
  • All scores must be entered into the GO handicap system prior to the match. Failure to play without a valid handicap will result in your teams’ disqualification.
  • The side that has the honour at the beginning of the match will be determined by the order of the draw i.e. the name of the team listed at the top of the bracket on the draw sheet
  • Ties will be broken by a sudden death play-off starting at the 1st tee. Handicap strokes will be given as appropriate.
  • There will be no extensions beyond the ‘must be played by’ date.
  • In the event of inclement weather all parties must agree to cease play at
    the end of the hole you are currently playing. 
    Remedy: You must reschedule by booking a tee time and resume play from the beginning of the hole following the hole you left off on. Given that the course is not sitting empty waiting for you, you may enjoy stroke play until you reach the hole where you are to resume the match.
    We recognize that this remedy does not follow the rules of golf.