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How To Post Your Scores

The Quick Tip

Scores are posted through the Golf Canada Score Centre. 
All members of Golf Canada have access to the Score Centre. 
There are several ways to access the Golf Canada Score Centre

Golf Canada Score Centre Kiosk in the Pro Shop 

Click on the MEMBER LOOKUP button and enter your last name. Click on FIND. Select your name. Follow the onscreen instructions to enter your score. 

Directly through the Golf Canada Score Centre

You can access the Score Centre at: sgc.golfcanada.ca.
You may also download the Score Centre App and access using your mobile device.

The Score Centre can also be accessed through the “Post Your Score” links on the Club’s website or the Golf Canada and Golf Ontario websites.

Once you access the Golf Canada Score Centre, login using your Username and Password. Follow the onscreen instructions to enter your score. 

If you don’t know or can’t remember your Username or Password, don’t worry, there is any easy fix. Just click on the “Forgot Username or Password button”. 


  • Post your score using the Hole-By-Hole method, using your GROSS SCORES. Do not enter manually calculated Maximum Adjusted Scores. (Why post GROSS SCORES? See below.)
  • Try to post your score by midnight on the day you played. If posting on another day, don’t forget to use the correct date that corresponds to the date of your game. (Why midnight? See below.)
  • Your Club will default to Picton Golf & Country Club – if you are posting a score played at another course, use the drop-down list to select the correct course.
  • Select the appropriate “Tee” that corresponds to the tee you played for that round. (You can change your default tee in the “At-A-Glance” settings.)
  • Select “18 Holes” or “9 Holes” (and pick the correct 9 holes).
  • Make sure the “Format” corresponds to the type of game you played. (Some Match Play rounds – where you played your own ball from start to finish - are eligible for score posting.)
  • Select “Yes” or “No” to Tournament.
  • If your round included a mandatory “attestor”, enter the attestor’s name.
  • Confirm whether or not you played alone.

Why you should post your Hole-By-Hole GROSS SCORES
Combined gross score data is used for the regular auditing of course rating. It supplies valuable information used to review expected course results and in the evaluation of the Stroke Index Allocation.

Don’t worry, the Score Centre program will automatically modify your gross score to your maximum adjusted score and will apply this value to the calculation of your handicap.

Why you should post by midnight of the day you played

This allows the Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC) to be correctly applied. (Yes, bad weather, extreme temperatures and poor playing conditions can affect our scores.) The PCC adjustment is applied automatically through the Score Centre when expected results of the day’s play fall outside of a tolerance level. The PCC is activated by midnight each day. 

Remember! Regular posting of all scores for all rounds played by the rules of golf results in a valid and up to date Handicap.

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The Full Story

Rule #4 “Submitting A Score” (Rules of Handicapping) outlines complete information on the submission of scores. 

Click to access the Rules of Handicapping and details on the rule noted above.