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How To Get A Handicap

The Quick Tip

Handicap Index

  • Your Handicap Index will be issued after you post a minimum of three 18-hole rounds of golf, or six 9-holes rounds, or any combination of these for a minimum of 54 holes. 
  • Scores are posted on the Golf Canada Score Centre.
  • Please remember that only acceptable scores - that is, scores for games played under the Rules of Golf - are to be used to post for Handicap Purposes.

Once your Handicap Index is established, it will update regularly as you post new scores.

Once you have posted 20 scores, your Handicap Index will be averaged over the best 8 of your last 20 games. (Note, 9 hole scores will be combined to reflect 18 hole values.)

Course Handicap

  • The Score Centre automatically converts your Handicap Index to your Course Handicap by applying the course rating values for our course. (Course Handicaps are always “whole numbers”, while Handicap Indexes include decimals.)
  • The Score Centre shows the Course Handicap for your default Tee selection. It also includes a Course Handicap for each set of tees. When referencing your Course Handicap, make sure you choose the correct value that corresponds to the tees you are using. (Course Handicap values for each set of tees can be viewed through the “At-A-Glance” window on the Score Centre.)
  • Your Course Handicap is used in many Club events, including Gross and Net competitions and Match Play.
  • Your Course Handicap is used to determine your Maximum Adjusted Score for handicap purposes.

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The Full Story

Rule #2 “Scores Acceptable for Handicap Purposes” (Rules of Handicapping) outlines complete information on acceptable scoring. 

Rule #5 “Handicap Index Calculation” (Rules of Handicapping) outlines complete information on how a Handicap Index is developed and maintained. 

Rule #6 “Course Handicap and Playing Handicap Calculation” (Rules of Handicapping) outlines complete information on Course Handicaps and Playing Handicaps.

Click to access the Rules of Handicapping and details on the rules noted above.