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Picton Golf and Country Club

Golf Historical Society offers a rare
experience for Picton Golfers

Are you interested in the chance to play a round of golf with a member of the Golf Historical Society, using supplied Hickory Shaft Clubs, right on our own Picton Golf Course?
The Golf Historical Society has offered such an event to the members of Picton Golf & Country Club. The event would be scheduled the week of August 20, 2016 and would consist of a round of golf (18 holes) with supplied hickory shaft clubs, on-course coaching  (1 Historical Society golfer with 3 Picton players) and a luncheon to follow. The approximate cost would be $35 per player.
This event will be scheduled only if we receive enough interest.

This event would give our Club some additional media attention. Public players may be included, thus bringing additional focus on our club. The Golf Historical Society would also give free appraisals for any “old” clubs players bring with them that day.

Click here to let us know of your interest in this special event.

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