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Spring Opening 2016 – Healthy Course, Happy Golfers

Golf courses across the country are gearing up for their 2016 season. Depending on their locations, a few may have already opened.

We hope to open here at Picton Golf & Country Club as soon as conditions allow.  Our target date is mid-April. Our main focus is offering a golf course that meets or exceeds the expectations of our members and guests, and we want players to enjoy excellent conditions throughout the prime playing season. 

While unseasonably warm temperatures in early to mid-March create expectations that we might see an early opening, we need to remember that average temperatures for this time of year are 5C during the day and -5C at night. Nighttime temperatures this week are between -5C and -11C, still extremely cold. As our golf course sits on heavy clay soils with very shallow depths to bedrock, it drains slowly, retaining moisture longer and soils do not warm up quickly. Until soil temperatures warm up significantly there is no turf growth, and therefore no ability for turfgrass to repair itself from the damage caused by divot, ball marks and compaction from maintenance equipment or golf carts. Typically, one of our biggest challenges is letting the course dry out and firm up sufficiently to allow maintenance vehicle traffic.

We will have a skeleton crew of greens staff working on equipment maintenance and post-winter cleanup over the next few weeks. Additional staff will return as necessary, as we work our way into full operational mode. In the meantime we are constantly monitoring the weather and assessing course conditions, with the objective of setting our opening date as soon as we are certain that the conditions our members and guests expect can be sustained over the entire season.

Your fun, friendly, great golf season will begin as soon as possible.