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2020 PGCC Handicap News - WHS Info - May 13

May 13, 2020
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World Handicap System
Golf Ontario Education Series 

Golf is just around the corner and our series of World Handicapping System lessons from Golf Ontario is almost complete. This week’s final lesson deals with the Maximum Adjusted Score, or Maximum Hole Score, used for handicap purposes.

Let’s see what Golf Ontario has to say about Maximum Scores and Net Double Bogey.


The maximum hole score for handicap purposes in the previous system was based on a player’s Course Handicap and the following Equitable Stroke control (ESC) table with the Golf Canada Handicap Manual:

Course Handicap Maximum Score on any Hole
9 or less Double Bogey
10 through 19 7
20 through 29 8
30 through 39 9
40 or more 19 

With the World Handicap System, the maximum hole score for each player will be limited to a Net Double Bogeycalculated as follows:

Double Bogey + handicap strokes a player receives (or gives) based on their Course Handicap

(“or gives” only applies to plus handicap players)

The Net Double Bogey adjustment is more consistent from hole to hole than the ESC procedure.

 For example – Using the ESC procedure, a player with a Course Handicap of 21 would have the same maximum score (8) on each hole – regardless of the Par or difficulty of the hole.

    • By factoring in Par and Stroke Index values under the Net Double Bogey procedure, adjusted hole scores will be more precise and reflective of each player’s demonstrated ability.
    • This is a more personal assessment compared to the grouping together of Course Handicap ranges.
    • While this is a change for all who have used the Golf Canada Handicap System, Net Double Bogey has been used successfully in many parts of the world
      • The 2019 “Rules of Golf” introduced the maximum score form of stroke play, and Net Double Bogey was included as a recommended maximum score.
      • When Net Double Bogey is the maximum score set by the Committee, no adjustments are necessary for handicap purposes.



Well, folks, that’s a wrap!  We hope that you have found this series of lessons informative and helpful. To assist you in further understanding this new system – or even just for a review – we have created a great new section on the Club website. 

This new section can be found in the Members’ Area under Handicap Committee and is called "The Key To Understanding Handicaps”. It contains Quick Tips on How to Get A Handicap, How To Post Your Scores, and Maximum Adjusted Scoring with more details about Net Double Bogey. It also includes additional information on maintaining your handicap and the reasons for doing this. We hope you find this this new reference section helpful.

Good luck as you put the World Handicapping System to use out on the course this year. You will continue to hear from us on and off this season as we share other things that you might find useful. If you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can be reached at: handicapcommittee@pictongolf.ca or click here to send us a message now.

Enjoy the game and please, continue to stay safe!


Your Handicap Committee


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