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2020 PGCC Handicap News - WHS Info - March 12

March 12, 2020
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World Handicap System
Golf Ontario Education Series 

Here it is mid-March and we are one week closer to the 2020 Golf Season. Understanding the new World Handicap System will be on the minds of most golfers this year and we hope to make that learning as easy as possible. 

Course Rating and Course Slope values have always had an important place in determining handicaps, and their role is vital in the World Handicap System.

But just what the heck are they?

Simply put, they are numerical values that are representative of the difficulty of the golf course. Course Rating tells scratch golfers how difficult a course will be; Course Slope tells bogey golfers how difficult a course will be. The values, which are set by national and provincial golf associations, are set by gender and tees played. With the new World Handicap System, these values will be applied in a globally consistent manner, and along with other factors (such as course condition and weather) will be prominent in determining your Handicap Index.

This week's lesson from Golf Ontario describes how the Course Rating System (encompassing Course Rating and Course Slope) are applied in the World Handicap System.


The USGA Course Rating System is the foundation of the World Handicap System (no change for us in Canada) and allows each player’s Handicap Index to be transported from one course to another, and now across the globe. 

In 2020 The USGA Course Rating System will be referred to as “The Course Rating System” and will join “The Rules of Handicapping” to form the World Handicap System. The Course Rating System will be implemented by National Associations and allow a player’s Handicap Index to be from course to course and country to country. In addition, it will allow acceptable scores made at any rated golf course in the world to be submitted for handicap purposes.

    • For those who travel internationally, this will be a welcomed change as scores made outside the U.S. will easily be factored into their Handicap Index calculation.
    • To provide an accurate and consistent measure of the difficulty of a golf course by ensuring that playing length and obstacle factors are evaluated the same way worldwide.
    • Since golf courses are rated by qualified teams trained by Authorized Golf Associations, the integrity of the World Handicap System will be maintained.



Don't forget about the World Handicap System clinic on Tuesday April 28th.Sign up in the Pro Shop or click here to register online. 

Stayed tuned for next week's instalment, which deals with just how easy it will now be to keep a valid handicap.

As always, if you have any questions, please drop us a note at handicapcommittee@pictongolf.ca or click here to send us a message now.  

Until next week, then.


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