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2020 PGCC Handicap News - WHS Info - April 9

April 9, 2020
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The heck with Tournament Scores, we can now all strive to be “Exceptional”!

Under the new World Handicap System, the confusing instructions and application of tournament scores (T-scores) has been replaced by “Exceptional Scores.” This now takes the guess work out of which  tournament scores were eligible and which were not.

This week's lesson from Golf Ontario explains how "Exceptional Scoring" works.

Under the previous Handicap System, when a player submits two or more Tournament Scores (T-scores) within a 12-month period that are at least 3.0 strokes better than their Handicap Index, they are eligible for an automatic Handicap Index reduction. The amount of the reduction is determined by the number of T-scores submitted by a player within the last 12-months, as well as the difference between the Handicap Index and the average of the two best T-score Handicap Differentials. Under this system there has been confusion as to which competitions should receive the T-score designation, and as a result it has been applied inconsistently. 

Under the new World Handicap System in 2020, When a player submits a score that produces a Score Differential of 7.0 strokes or more below their Handicap Index, they will be subject to an Exceptional Score Reduction.

  • When the Score Differential is between 7.0 and 9.9 strokes below their current Handicap Index, a -1.0 reduction is applied to the most recent 20 score differentials. When the Score Differential is 10.0 strokes or more below their Handicap Index, a -2.0 reduction is applied to the most recent 20 score differentials.
  • Scores submitted after the exceptional score will not contain the -1.0 or -2.0 adjustment (unless they are also exceptional), which will allow reduction to gradually work itself out of a Scoring Record.

The reason for this change is to simplify the automatic reduction process. This new procedure will be straightforward and intuitive. When a player submits an exceptional score, they will receive an automatic adjustment of -1.0 or -2.0. And by considering all scores in the Exceptional Score Reduction procedure (not just T scores), a player’s Handicap Index will be more responsive to exceptional performances in competitive and recreational play.



Don't worry if you are a newcomer to handicapping and don't have 20 score differentials posted yet. You can still take advantage of the Exceptional Scoring application. The Rules of Handicapping outlines this scenario as follows: 

...Where there are fewer than 20 Score Differentials in a player’s scoring record at the time an exceptional score is submitted, the reduction is applied by adjusting all of the Score Differentials recorded in the player's scoring record, which includes the exceptional score.

Don't forget to take advantage of  Golf Ontario's online options which are great replacements for our cancelled Clinic for April 28th. Click here for information.

Stayed tuned for next week's instalment, which outlines how playing conditions can affect your game and how the new Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC) will be applied.

As always, if you have any questions, please drop us a note at handicapcommittee@pictongolf.ca or click here to send us a message now.  

Until next week, practise your putting inside and be kind to each other!


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