August 25, 2016 PGCC Update | Picton Golf Club

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Picton Golf and Country Club

Picton Golf & Country Club Update


Golf Canada/Golf Ontario & the Handicap System

Picton Golf & Country Club is a Golf Canada/Golf Ontario member in good standing. As such, we have obtained a license from Golf Canada in order to utilize the Handicap System and to issue our members a ‘handicap factor’.

Only a Golf Canada/Golf Ontario member golf club that issues and maintains Handicap Factors in full accordance with the Handicap System as described in the ‘Golf Canada Handicap Manual’ may use the terms ‘handicap factor’ and ‘slope rating’’, and identify them as such on membership cards or elsewhere.

If a Golf Canada/Golf Ontario golf club does not follow all of the procedures of the Handicap System, it is not permitted to use any part of the System or refer to any handicap that it issues or certifies as a ‘handicap factor’ or as a handicap authorized or approved by Golf Canada.

Two basic premises underlie the Handicap System, namely that each player will try to make the best score at every hole in every round, regardless of where the round is played, and that the player will post every acceptable round for peer review. The players and the players’ Handicap Committee have a joint responsibility for adhering to these premises.

The purpose of the Handicap System is to make the game of golf more enjoyable by enabling players of differing abilities to compete on an equitable basis. Picton Golf  & Country Club is reestablishing our handicap committee in order that we comply with the Rules of Golf and the Handicap System and so that our members may utilize the Handicap System.

At present, our Handicap Committee is made up of four individuals: Scott Bigg, Judi Edwards, Steve Ward & Debbie Rankin. The general purpose of this committee is:

  • To educate members on Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) and the Handicap System.
  • To conduct random reviews to ensure that members are utilizing the handicap system appropriately.
  • To arbitrate and resolve any issues relating to handicap brought forward by members.

If you have an interest in serving on the Handicap Committee or in handicapping education in general, please let us know by writing to or visit the Golf Ontario Handicap information page.


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