Picton Golf & Country Club

Established 1907

2021 SPECIAL membership RATES & fees 

SPECIAL RATES AVAILABLE FOR 2020 MEMBERS AND 2019 PAST MEMBERS. FORMS AND PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BY APRIL 1, 2021.  (These Special Rates will only be offered until April 1st.)

Please complete the form below and submit to RENEW & PAY for your 2021 Membership.
If possible, please complete your payment with one transaction. Some members, especially those renewing "Couples" memberships, may be limited by their banks to a daily Interac limit which may be less than the full renewal fee, and complete payment will require two transactions. The online membership renewal process is not complete until full payment is received.

If you do not wish to complete your Membership Renewal using this online form with the online payment option, please CLICK HERE to download and print the 2021 Special Rates Membership form. Once completed please mail with payment to the Picton Golf & Country Club, Box 6170 Picton ON K0K 2T0, or take in person to the Pro Shop on or after March 8, 2021. (You may also utilize the e-Transfer/Interac payment option with the printed form. Mail or drop off then completed form and transfer your funds within 24 hours. Send fund transfers to payment@pictongolf.ca. NOTE: no password set up is required for this transaction.)

Please note, the payment Installment Plan is not available with online payment. Post dated cheques must be submitted to the Pro Shop by April 1st, along with a completed Membership Renewal form.

Couple Members: (additional information for partner residing in the same household)
Family Members: (Children 18 and under receive 50% discount if parents/grandparents are current members.)
Child #1 Gender

Child #2 Gender

Membership Category: All plans include Golf Ontario membership
$2,699.00 Quantity
$1,499.00 Quantity
$1,149.00 Quantity
$859.00 Quantity
$889.00 Quantity
$449.00 Quantity
$399.00 Quantity
$-199.50 Quantity
$299.00 Quantity
$-149.50 Quantity

$25.00 Quantity
$45.00 Quantity
$42.00 Quantity
$390.00 Quantity
$465.00 Quantity

Cart Leases: Per rider/non-transferable. Additional packages/rounds can be purchased at members' special rates
$699.00 Quantity
$598.00 Quantity
$380.00 Quantity
$142.00 Quantity
$365.00 Quantity
$235.00 Quantity
CLASS "B" DEBENTURE. Picton Golf & Country Club is a member-operated, not-for-profit Corporation. Ownership of a Class "B" Debenture gives full voting privileges in the Corporation is mandatory for all Adult Members and is a one-time purchase. If you were an Adult Member in the previous year, your Debenture remains active. If your Membership is transitioning from INTERMEDIATE to ADULT, ownership of a Class "B" Debenture is mandatory. (Ownership of a Class "B" Debenture is recommended but not mandatory for Intermediate and Young Adult members.)
$100.00 Quantity
Terms and Conditions of Membership: Please click to read the Terms and Conditions.
As a member of Picton Golf & Country Club, I agree to comply with the terms and conditions set out in the Rules and Regulations of said Club, and to pay the applicable fees as indicated. I have read this Agreement and acknowledge and agree to all of the Terms and Conditions. *
By submitting this form, you agree to meet the payment obligations associated with this contract. If you have chosen the credit card payment option, you authorize the use of your credit card for the payment of your selected items.
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